Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assitants

Stavros Pappavassiliou is an architecture student at the Architectural Association currently on his year out. He has just completed his RIBA Part 1 certification and has attended Intermediate Unit 8: Politics of Fabrication, with Francisco Gonzalez de Canales and Nuria Alvarez Lombardero, and Intermediate Unit 6: In-Fill/Out-Fits Prototypes for Urban Dwelling with Jeroen van Ameijde and Olivier Ottevaere, as well as a workshop by AA EMTEC and California College of Art on emergent material organization.

Yonatan Buchhandler


Jose Manuel Berg. Graduated as an architect in the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Later earned his Master in Architecture with a major in Nautical and Maritime Design in the same school. He has worked in Chile in architecture design offices developing projects in different cities. Currently he is finalizing the Master in Architecture Emergent Technologies and Design in the Architectural Association in London. His work has been focused in the research in interdisciplinary techniques as a design tool for architecture, such as hydraulic modeling for urban development, and parametric processes for the fabrication of complex structures in timber.

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